eBay India – Refund for Damaged Item

I had purchased an item(A steel dust bin), which I received in very damaged condition. Claim id: 342443. Ref #: 1-17781463243.
Only mistake on my part was I logged the claim for wrong reason, and eBay closed it. And now I can’t log claim again and Ebay is not ready to give me refund for it. I wrote to seller with pictures of damaged item. He says eBay has to give refund as its damaged in shipping. I sent multiple emails to “incswebhelp@ebay.com” and received no response.
Last I spoke with Mr.Irfan Khan with eBay customer service, and he was so arrogant and not willing to help, he even accused me of making fraud by making different statements. I was told if seller informs eBay, then only they can give refund, and seller is asking me to send the damaged item back. I am more than glad to send it back, but Why should I be paying for return shipping? when its not my fault? Is the consumer court only option available for me? As customer care rep made clear than eBay is not going to refund or help??
Has anyone else encountered similar issue??

Is this your Company. Click here to register and reslove this complaint against you.


  1. Dear Vaibhav, As per our records you have filed claim as Item not as expected stating that price of the item is very high and as per eBay policy your claim was rejected but now you are saying that you have received a damage item. We regret to inform you that we cannot process your claim. Thank you.

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