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I Purchase a television LG L.E.D. 3D CTV Model-32 LM3410, serial N.208PLXA070026 from M/s Naman, The Electronic World, Jinsi Road No.1, Laskar, Gwalior vide Invoic No.NRPL 13-14/004216 dated 25 Oct 13. Delivery of TV and installation carried out on very next day. Within two to three dayas after installation of TV I noticed black spots on bottom side of both corners. Initially I think that it may be rectified automatically as TV is new brand and required some tome for stability. On 15 Nov 13, when i watching my TV, it get shut off automatically and gone on standby mode. When I again power on the TV with my remote, TV gone in main mode but now other problems occurs i.e.,auto selection of up/down channel, auto selection of setting mode etc. In this regard I lodged a complaint on LG customer Care and receive request ID No. RNA131115064235 dated 15 Nov 13, against this complaint, LG Service Engineer, Gwalior came on 16 Nov 13 and physically checked the fault. After understanding the fault, service engineer confirm me that matter needs to be discussed with their superior officer and gone. On 18 Nov 13, I received a call from representative of LG Service centre, Gwalior stating that complete panel of TV needs to be replaced. On hearing this, straightway I denied the deal and inform him that I want replacement of TV because I noticed this fault initially and this fault (black spot on bottom corner of screen) came with new brand TV as a gift from LG to me. After end of this conversation I received a message from VM-Lgcare that my service request is closed (Reason: Customer self repair) at 1411 hrs but I didnt say anything like reason mentioned in message. It is not understood that how my service request get closed without any further progress and prior information to me. On same day I had telephonically conversation with owner of M/s Naman, the Electronic World, Gwalior regarding the fault and requesting him for replacement of TV but he straightway denied the replacement and confirmed me that after selling of items you should contact to service cetnre only and gave me mobile no.7566660960 of LG Area Manager namely Mr. Amol. I approached him also telephonically at 1615hrs but he also starightway denied for any replacement. I was not satisfied with his answer, he also advised me to talk with this superior officer Mr Avinash, Bhopal on mobile no. 07566661002 for any further query. I spoken to Mr. Avinash on above said Mobile No. at 1644hrs regarding subject matter, he try to convince me in nice manner for change of panel but I demanded replacement of new brand TV keeping in mind that fault of TV is not occured due to my negligence, it came initially with new brand TV supplied to me. One more point I would like to add that Mr Amol and Mr Avinah told me that if i lodged a complaint within 15 days and 10 days respectively, replacement can be provided. It is a matter of concern that I lodged a complaint within 20 days and now nobody listening my words. It is not clearly clarified within how many days replacement can be made, if fault came initially with new product. On same day I again ranged to LG customer care and spoken to Mr. Abdur rehman (Employee ID No. not disclosed by him) and brief him my problem. I request him to take up my matter with their higher authority. He listen my all athe above mentioned problems and gave me service request no. CNA131118137980 dated 18 Nov 13 verbally, SMS from LG customecare not yet received. Mr Abdur Rehman assured me that I will be contact on 19 Nov 13 between 1200hrs to 1300hrs but nobody contacted me upto 1530hrs on 19 Nov 13. At 1535hrs I again ranged to LG customercare and spoken to Mr.Shakeel but call get disconnected. Mr.Shakeel ranged me on my my mobile at 1534hrs by telephone no.01202460177 and assured me that his higher officer will talk to me on 20 Nov 13 after 1200hrs regarding subject matter. But nobody calls me upto 22 Nov 13. On 22 Nov 13 at 2030hrs I again ranged to Lg customer care and simultaneously my call was forwarded to senior officer Mr Neeraj. I again told her my all problem. He listen my all the problems and told me that he will soon approach me after consultation with his senior officer. He put me on hold and after 5-10min he also denied for replacement of new TV. In view of the above, I am totally frustrated regarding services of LG Company. It is my humble requested to taken up my matter with concern agency and advise me how can I get repalcement of TV as fault was initial fault which came with product. Looking for kind consideration. Thanking You Your sincerely, Hemant Kumar Yadav Mobile No.-09691266979

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